Converting from Windows to Mac OS

As you may already know, I decided last week that I had rebuilt Windows for the last time. My Windows laptop got corrupted somehow and none of the usual tools I use could fix it, and the only way to fix it would be a complete reinstall of the OS.  I said “Deja Vu” for the last time and bought a Macbook Pro for me and two iMacs for the house.  I got a pretty good deal on all three, spending just about $2000 for three 2-2.2 GHz machines with 2 GB of RAM and large enough hard drives for the job.  This is slightly faster than the laptop and PCs that I had, so I thought it would make a good transition and wouldn’t bankrupt me all at the same time.

Since this is a backup blog, I’ll limit the number of PC/Mac posts. I’ll actually keep updating this one and putting more and more stuff in it until it gets too much, after which I’ll start another one.
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Are you using any of these products?

I recently reached out to several thousand Backup Central subscribers looking for customers of several backup products.  There are a few products, however, that I didn’t get quite enough respondents from, so I’m hoping to reach them this way.   I know that at least some of these products actually have thousands of customers.

If you are one of the first few customers of these products to respond, I have a special free offer for your kindness!
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I've gone to the dark side

After spending three days trying yet again to resurrect a PC that had no hardware problems and oddly enough not even any viruses that any of my usual tools could find, AND wrestling with one PC that constantly doesn’t want to recognze the USB, I’ve decided to go over to the dark side.  I just ordered a Macbook Pro and two iMacs for my house.  That oughta do it.
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Why are the major backup products slow to fully support vSphere?

Reading announcements from companies like EMC, Symantec, CommVault, and CA, you’d think they were in the forefront of “proper” support for EMC’s vSphere.  When you read things like “NetBackup & Backup Exec certified for vSphere 4.0,” you would think that means that it supports vSphere’s new backup features.  You would be incorrect on both counts, and the same is true for EMC, CommVault, CA, and (oddly enough) VizionCore!
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