Is dedupe to tape crazy?

Dedupe to tape is definitely crazy.  But is it crazy good or crazy bad?  I spent two days in (lovely?) Oceanport, New Jersey surrounded by a bunch of CommVault Kool-Aid drinking, Frank Slootman hated, but seriously technical people that knew their product very well.  Over those two days, I had every question I had about CommVault answered, and one of the questions was: “Why the heck would you want to dedupe to tape?”

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ZL files lawsuit against Gartner

Email archiving software vendor ZL (who, by the way, I never heard of until this lawsuit) is suing Gartner for saying that they’re a “niche player.”   According to the lawsuit they bring this action “in its individual capacity and on behalf of the general public,” as Gartners actions have harmed “the creative forces of American innovation, and, consequently, the long-term competitiveness of the American economy.”

While I appreciate ZL’s attempt to look out for me (as a member of the general public) and its concern for the economy that ultimately keeps me employed, I’ve got to say that IT IS MY OPINION (you saw that, right, ZL lawyers?) that their lawsuit has no real merit but will serve its purpose nonetheless, and this blog post will actually help accomplish their goal.

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New solutions for using replicated backup data

There have been some interesting options that have recently presented themselves for using deduplicated, replicated backups on a regular basis.  If you’re not familiar with the challenges of using these backups without some help, I’ll explain those first, and then go into the solutions to these problems that are showing up.

Update: I’m talking about backups from a regular backup software product that are going to a VTL or IDT (intelligent disk target).  I know there are all kinds of other backups out there that use replcation.  In this blog post, I’m talking about regular ol’ backups.
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