HDS validates FalconStor dedupe

I’ve know for a while that FalconStor is one of a few vendors to have truly multi-node, global dedupe.  They’re on a short list with SEPATON (8 nodes), Exagrid (10 nodes), and NEC (55 nodes).  (Data Domain is getting there, but their GDA is only available with the 880, NetBackup and OST, and only uses two nodes.  IBM has had a 2-node cluster for a few years now, but has been unable to add a third or fourth node yet.)  Quantum has no multi-node option.  I believe that HDS understood the value of multi-node dedupe for their customers and wanted to pick a product that offered that feature. I’ve written a lot about this feature here, here, and here.

But when I would talk to FalconStor’s competitors, I always heard things like, “their stuff doesn’t work.”  Which is a surprising statement about a company that sold more VTLs than anyone else in the world (most via OEM agreements via EMC, IBM, and Sun).  Just last week a competitor tried to tell me that FalconStor’s box didn’t actually do real dedupe; it only did object-level single instance.  (This comes from FalconStor naming their product Single Instance Repository, although it really does do “real” dedupe.)
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