9 Tips for Disaster Recovery (Restore it All Podcast #66)

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Prasanna and Curtis discuss their opinion of an ITPro article called Nine Tips to Improve your Disaster Recovery Strategy. In case you’re curious, they are:
1. Have full documentation
2. Assess the risks
3. Drill for disaster
4. Prepare for disasters of different levels
5. Consider the cloud
6. Prioritize resilience
7. Evaluate security practices
8. Revise and Revisit
9. Build a critical response team

  • Trying to rate you at https://ratethispodcast.com/restore
    slams into a problem of limiting to only 4 Apps and not how I listen to them.
    Which is via an RSS reader (TheOldReader) within my browser(FireFox) on my Notebook (Windows). Also downloaded and using VLC Media player as the App on my Windows notebook when something messes with the playing through the web page (~ 1 in 5 times, was higher when you had the wonderful speed change widget)

    So this blocks me from the rest of evaluating this wonderful podcast.

    Is “Other (fill in details)” is an option? The you could find the interesting ways some of us might be listening to the two of you

    • First, thanks so much for the kind words. We try hard. 🙂

      Second, the limitation you’re experiencing isn’t a ratethispodcast.com issue, as much as it is the fact that the only place people see ratings for podcasts is where they listen to them (iTunes, etc.). So ratethispodcast.com just makes it easy for people to rate the podcast where they hear it.

      As to you, might I suggest you rate us on soundcloud? You can do that here: https://soundcloud.com/restoreitall

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