Announcing Backup Central Live! Q2 cities & dates

After our very successful five-city tour in Q1, we are now announcing cities, dates, and locations for our Q2 events.  Those of you that live in Raleigh, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, & Minneapolis are the next folks to be able to attend a Backup Central Live event.   In addition, those of you interested in deduplication, continuous protection of servers, and backup of laptop data have three webinars to choose from next month.

Here are all of our upcoming events and where you can register for them.

Raleigh Apr 26 Register Now
Boston Apr 28 Register Now
Philadelphia May 17 Register Now
Dallas May 19 Register Now
Minneapolis May 24 Register Now
Better Backup: Strategies for Better Protecting Your Data, Your Time, and Your IT Budget Apr 19 12p ET Register Now
Top 10 Backup and Disaster Recovery Secrets You Can’t Afford Not to Know Apr 20 12p ET Register Now
Enterprise Laptop Backup: Protecting Users At The Edge Apr 27 1p ET Register Now

See you there!  If you have any questions about events, feel free to contact us.

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