Backup Central Live Q1 starts next week!

We've got new and exciting content for 2012, and we're starting our seminars this year with San Jose and San Diego next week.   These free seminars are first-come first serve (end-users only), and we're almost at capacity in the first two cities, so you'd better act now if you want to go.  I've also listed the rest of our backup seminars for Q1.  (Other cities will be announced soon.)

Date Event Where
Jan 24 Backup Central Live! San Jose, CA
Jan 26 Backup Central Live! San Diego, CA
Feb 7 Backup Central Live! Raleigh, NC
Feb 21 Backup Central Live! Miami, FL
Feb 23 Backup Central Live! Tampa, FL

See you there!

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One thought on “Backup Central Live Q1 starts next week!

  1. Michael Strelitz says:

    We been using tape backups for 17 years. Old 3480/90 – DAT – LTO. We have only ever had 1 failure to restore – a DAT tape about 15 years ago. We test all backups by removing the tapes from the drive reinserting it and doing a selective restore across the tape. The only other problems ever seen have been due to incorrectly specified backups and less then 1 tape in 100 which is faulty (but this shows up during the backup).

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