Another open-source backup product goes commercial

Bacula Systems is now the commercial arm for the popular open-source backup product Bacula.  “It roams the datacenter at night and sucks the vital essence from your computers.”  I’m not making that up.  This is the second open-source backup product to do such, with Zmanda preceding them.  Click Read More to see what I think about this.

Short version: I think it’s great!

When Zmanda went commercial, the funding they provided fixed a few long-running complaints in Amanda.  Amanda had been around for years and they still couldn’t back up anything that didn’t fit on a tape.  Enter Zmanda and poof!  Problem fixed.  Amazing what a little money can do for an open-source project.

Now Bacula Systems has joined the fray as of October 2008.  They’re listing a team of seven on the website, but I’m sure there’s even more behind the scenes.  Now you have a choice of two open-source backup products.  Yum.  Competition!

I reminisce back to the days when Linux first went commercial and people wondered how they would make money.  Not everyone needed Linux — but everyone needs backup.  So it’s only natural that there should be open-source backup software.

Another thought is that there are a whole lot of people out there whose needs could easily be served by less-expensive backup software than what they’re currently using.  Both Zmanda and Bacula Systems offer these customers such an alternative. I, for one, see a very bright future for both companies.

If anyone has any experience with either company, feel free to contact me privately or put comments on this blog entry.

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