Datacenter manager Dan Frith discusses the OVH Fire (Restore it All Podcast #105)

Datacenter manager Dan Frith (@penguinpunk) joins us on the podcast for our first discussion of the #OVHFire. A massive fire destroyed a datacenter of a large cloud provider in Europe, and millions of websites disappeared. We talk about the lessons we can learn from this event.

Dan talks about how outsourcing the servers doesn’t outsource the responsibility for data protection. I make the point that this fire shows what happens when you completely rely on a single entity for both production and data protection. We end up talking about the 3-2-1 rule and how it applies in this scenario.

I also give a discount code during the podcast for my new O’Reilly book Modern Data Protection, which is now available for purchase. If you use the URL below and the code I give on the podcast, you can get 35% of the retail price.

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