Disaster Recovery after a hurricane – a First Hand Account (Restore it All Podcast #82)

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We get a closer look at the eye of the storm. A few episodes ago, we had an anonymous guest we called Harry Potter, who told us what it was like to manage a DR remotely. This week we hear from the man on the ground, recovering two datacenters after a hurricane wiped out the island where they resided. We learn all sorts of lessons, especially about how so much of a disaster recovery has very little to do with what backup people think of when they think about a “recovery.” In fact, we spend almost this entire episode NOT talking about backup! We talk about network connections, places to sleep, how to eat, and how to recover your datacenter when the neighborhood power won’t even stay on. This guest is also remaining anonymous, and since he is Harry Potter’s friend, we called him Ron Weasley. (My apologies to the Potterheads out there.)

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