EMC acquires AVAMAR

EMC officially acquired AVAMAR November 15th.  AVAMAR is a market leader de-duplication backup software, identifying and eliminating redundant blocks of data before they are sent from the client to the backup server. 

This is EMC's third acquisition that lines up exactly with a Symantec product.  First it was NetWorker, a direct competitor to NetBackup.  Recently, EMC also acquired Dantz Retrospect remote, a product aimed at the same market space as Backup Exec.

And now they've acquired AVAMAR, which will compete directly with Symantec's Puredisk product, which was also an acquisition.  (Symantec acquired Datacenter Technologies.)  Although the two products are different, of course, they have very similar architectures, and aim to accomplish the same goal in very similar ways.

Hopefully EMC can integrate all of this.

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