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CA ARCserve SP3 Disaster Recovery problem

Posted by akitafan 
Server - Win2k3 SP3 (Build 4402)
Client - WinXP Pro SP3 (Build 4402)

Backups are written to disk.

I are having a problem testing the Disaster Recovery on the test systems since upgrading to SP3. I get into the Disaster Recovery Wizard, Select the system to restore, select the session to restore, then click on the Start Disaster Recovery button and it pops up a dialogue box "Please mount media 4/01/08 11:45 AM, ID ####, sequence @1."

The question is should I even get this dialogue since the backups are saved to disk?

If yes, how do I go about mounting the media. CA has been of no real help.

This is solved. The client in question war restored via Ghost to an image that didn't have the SP3 upgrade installed.
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