Is it possible to restore all incrementals since the last full backup in one pass or do they need to be restored one at a time?
Can you be a bit more clear on this.
Are you speaking about the DR(Diaster Recovery senario) where the entire server is down and you are trying to re-build the server or is it a simple resotre of files and folders.
If it is going to be a DR then it is not possible for us to use the incremantal backups to bring back the server in R11.5 and previous versions of Arcserve.
As per the documentation we can get back the server only with full backups of the server and not through incremantal or differential backups.

And as for the files and folders restore it actually depends.
While restore and considering you have a tape library, you need to put all your tapes inside the slots and the initiate a restore of certain files or folders required.
If the folder is not in one tape then the Arcserve software will browse through other tapes associated with the backups and find the correct tape and pull the data from there, if it is sibgle tape drive with out any library of autoloader then we need to wait for the backup software to ask for another tape, that time remove the existing tape and put the tape it is asking for, hope I made myself clear.

Let me know for further clarifications.

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