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Using Arcserve for oracle Backup

Posted by rmmr 
Using Arcserve for oracle Backup
June 09, 2008 04:26AM
"Arcserve 11.5 SP3, Exchange agent and Oracle agent are installed on a server which hosts Database & Exchange. We need to take daily(rotational) full backups of the server."

We are able to backup the server successfully with the agents in place but the DBA does not like the way the agent handles the backup.

The agent uses an old method of hot backup by putting tablespace into backup mode which sets hot backup fuzzy on datafile headers causing additional redo and confusions in recovery / instance-crash scenarios.

1. We are thinking on how we can use RMAN and integrate it with Arcserve to take a full backup of the server.

Any suggestions.
can you pls give me your email address.

i have a document regarding that and not sure how to send that.

Hence pls post your email address and I will send the doc to you.

Using Arcserve for oracle Backup
September 03, 2008 07:53PM
I am new to using ARCserve and I need to know how to backup an oracle database residing on a solaris 9 box using ARCserve with a Qualstar tape library.

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