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Question about tapes in the device section

Posted by fintoozler 
Good morning, all.

I have a question that I've been unable to find a suitable answer for. In the Brightstor interface (ver 11.5), some of the tapes are grayed out in the "Device" section's list. Re-inventorying doesn't change it. I would like to know what that means, please.
Those tape might have exceeded the expiration date.
Please format the tape and while formating change the expiration date to 3 years from now.
Once that is done you will be able to erase or format.

Thanks for the info. The next question is... Are tapes that are past their expiration date still used in the backup process, or do they get completely ignored by Brightstor?

The tapes will be accepted by the backup but you might be getting a warning message as " W3974 - media expired on a date. "
You would also be able to restore from the expired tape.
It is always better to format it with a date more than today's date.

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