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BrighStor not recognizing IBM 3582-L23 library

Posted by mbehring 
Hi list,

We have BrightStor ARCServe 11.5 Service Pack 3 running on a SUN E450 with Solaris 10.

We have just connected an IBM 3582-L23 automated library with the E450 server through Emulex (2GB). A patch was installed for the Emulex and the Solaris OS recognized the IBM library and the two Ultrium LTO2 Fibre Channel drives.

The problem is: BrightStor is not recognizing the library.

Is there any configuration I am missing...for the OS, for BrightStor or both?

Any help is appreciated.


I feel that the tape library you are using might not in the certified device listing.

Please check for the certified device listing in below link.


Go to the end of the page and drop down LINUXUNIX.

Check for the correct OS you are using and see if the tape library is certified.

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