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TapeCopy problem

Posted by mrbusdriversir 
TapeCopy problem
June 28, 2008 01:48PM
I need to copy all our monthly backups from FSD to tapes and I am looking for a command or parameter that will allow me to create a script that can run outomaticly every month. the problem that I am having is that I am using the following commands

tapecopy -sUTAMAIL -dTAPES -t"W-UTAMAIL-FRI- 5/02/08" -b

with that command I have to modify the tape name every month because every monthy the date changes so the whole purpose of having a script is basically wasted.

Does anybody knows what are the commands if instead of using the specific name of the tape to use the group only and direct it to back up the last monthly found in the group.

I have look arround but the information is very limited also the examples in ARCSERV do not provide a good idea of what could I do in my situation.
I have try the staging but I don't like the way it names the destination tape (just with a date) and there are some other issues but that can be discused in another thread.

Also if somebody up there is using a method that it could help me accomplish the same I would apreciate to know.

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