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backup to nas with arcserve 11.5 SP3 build 4402

Posted by kse@cipal.be 
We want to backup a server to a NAS, we have created 10 file system devices (as a folder on the nas) and placed the 10 fsd's in group 0.
next we have set a backup type with GFS rotation. so we have 2 monthly devices, 4 weekly devices and 4 daily devices. The weekly and montly rotates fine and is no problem with. With the daily there are (after running 1.5 month) 4 devices in the save set and 5 devices in the scratch set, so that isn't correct. Buth you can not restore from the 5 devices in the scratch set.
anyone that have had that problem also??? or is there somewhere a manuel to setup a backup from disk to nas?
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