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Tape Labels and Tape Media

Posted by JTontz 
Tape Labels and Tape Media
February 20, 2009 01:09AM
I am having an interseting issue with Tape Labels. I have LTO2 & LTO3 media. I have been using LTO2 labels with no issues at all. Recently I put an order in for more labels and recieved LTO4 labels. I put one on one of the LTO3 tapes and ARCServe cannot inventory this tape. If I change the label to an LTO2 tape label it works fine. Unfortunatley I am stuck with these LTO4 labels and cannot get the correct LTO3 labels any time soon. Is there a fix for this issue and if I do get my LTO3 labels, am I still going to have an issue since I haven't used them before?
I am using an HP StorageWorks 1/8 G2 Autoloader with a LTO3 920 drive. I recently updated the firmware for both the library and the drive to the latest. I also tried changing the barcode characters that are read and passed to ArcServe from the library from 8 to 6 to eliminate the L4 characters to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You In Advance.

Tapes can be read and inventoried with NO labels as well.
Tape Labels and Tape Media
April 07, 2009 02:34PM
When the Tape Engine starts it requests the inventory from the library. The library provides the inventory based off the barcodes.

Are you sure the library can read the barcodes?
Tape Labels and Tape Media
April 09, 2009 09:39PM
This is how it works, if you see the numbers in a bar code label you will notice that at the end there two characters L2, L3 or L4. These numbers indicate what kind of tape is the label intended to be used with. Each Ultrium tape has a different type of bar code labels. Refer to the User's guide and it will tell this information in more detail.
Carlos Alberto
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