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File system backup not showing pool name under device.

Posted by bilbus 
When using a file system location, i only get a these 2 tabs ... name and expiration date.

When i look at my tape autoloader, i get lots of tabs ... tape name, expiration, media pool, group name, serial #, pool status.

I am stumped on how to show those, i would really like to have pool status, group name, media pool.

Are you FSDs used by a job with a media pool?
yup, i have put my 10 FSD in to a group, backup works fine and it uses them to backup.

It just does not look like a autoloader would look like.

Is there a way to make a filesystem device that has slots like a autoloader? As i have it configured now, it is 10 devices in 1 group.

I would perfer it to me 1 device, with 10 slots.
The question is not if the FSDs are in a Group.
If the job that copies the data to the FSDs is using a Media Pool then the FSDs should be part of that Media Pool as far as I know.

No there is not way to simulate a library for FSDs.
Each FSD = 1 tape so it is just like having a bunch of stand alone tape drives in a Group.
Hi bilbus

You will never look FSDs , no matter how many of these you create, as an autoloader. The reason is that they are handled different. A library is managed by the Device Admin, it has to be configured. A FSD is just like a DRIVE in a library to the system, hence you will see that a FSD will have a blank tape assigned to it after you create it.
If you need to create a retention job I would use disk staging. Using disk staging will let you send more than one job to a FSD and create different job sessions to it, if you configure the disk staging to go to tape, you could also configure the purging time of the data in the FSD. If you have r11.5SP4 or greater take a look at all the advantages of staging. As far as I know r12.5(the next release) will have Data Dedup, in which case it is used with FDS. Neat huh?


Carlos Alberto.
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