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Virtual media in File System Devices?

Posted by phil2415 
Hi All,

I'm brand new to ARCServe and am finding it a little confusing to configure. I have successfully configured folders on my NAS to act as different devices in ARCServe as FSDs. However, as far as I can see I have to create a different device for each day of the week in order to set up a daily backup routine since I can find no way to have more than one media per File System Device. Is this correct? Ideally I'd like to have just one device with media named Monday - Thursday and Friday1, 2, 3 etc. as I would with a physical tape drive. Is this possible with FSDs or am I stuck using a different device per day?
An ARCserve FSD File System Device is a directory on a Windows volume configured to be used as a virtual tape.

For this reason it is necessary to create as many FSDs as tapes needed for the full rotation of the backup job.

Each FSD will have a header file and another file for each session backed up to this virtual tape. The header file is needed to control access to the session files and each session file will contain all the data backed up in that session.

You can move the location of a FSD but it is critical to move the complete directory. After moving it just the FSD configuration and select it.

While on the subject of FSD. The ARCserve tapecopy utility does work with FSDs. So it is possible to copy a physical tape to or from a FSD.
Thanks very much for your response, it sounds like I've got it set it up correctly! Now that I've configured 7-day GFS backups I just need to get some bigger disks for my NAS!
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