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CA Arcserve 12.5 data deduplication

Posted by Parkerson 
am using arcserve 12.5 build 5854 on a windows 2003 standard x86 sp2

i have configured a full backup that stages data on to a deduplication device and then migrates it to the quantum library after the job finishes

applied staging policy to purge data after 3 days

deduplication device is configured on the drive C which is the only drive on the arcserve server

drive c is a 2tb drv and has 650gigs free

data migration now is taking an unlikely additional 6 hrs to complete

when i had normal file system device on brightstor 11.5 the data migration used to finish by 7 hrs and now it is take additional 6 hrs to complete.

i enabled the option disk reclamation on deduplication device and defragmented the drive on reading a blog, it was no help

starting over on the deduplication device as blank media is useful for less than 3 days after it takes additional 6hrs for the migration to finish

is there any way to reduce the migration time?
delayed disk reclaimation is better to use since it will minimize fragmentation.

There may be nothing you can do with the current configuration to speed things up.

deduplication has a lot of overhead, and keep in mind the whole point of it is to reduce the amount of diskspace needed to store backup data on disk.

Keeping both the data and index directories on the same volume which in this case is also the same volume everything else is on is the worst setup if speed is what you are after. Free CPU cycles and RAM are also very important.
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