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Arcserve Backup 12.5 Windows Server 2008

Posted by fintoozler 
Here's the layout I'm dealing with:

Backup Server = Win 2003 Server Std SP2 with Arcserve Backup 12.5 installed on it.

Target server = Win 2008 Web Edition SP2. Client agent installed via the Agent Deployment utility within Arcserve on Backup server.

Issue details: I'm able to see the file/directory structure of the target server from the Arcserve backup interface on the Backup server. I'm able to browse through, and select the items I want to back up. When the backup job runs, it fails to back up any data, and the following error is in the job log...

E8572 The agent is either not installed, not started, or not configured to listen on the port. (Node=TARGETSERVERNAME @ipa.ddr.ess.xxx, Port=6050)...

The local firewall is off, and there is no external firewall in the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I'm running out of ideas.
Restart the target system.
Verfiy agent functionality via the admin GUI.
check the client agent log for errors.
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