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Ingres-Function [IIapi-connect]. Error code = [13172742]

Posted by dbeery 

I am currently helping someone out with a CA BrightStorARCserve 11r5 Problem. Overall the BrightStorARCserve software is still relatively new for me.

ARCserve stopped running backup jobs and the database indicator turned red in the Java interface.

When I attempted to restart the database service, it appeared to start, indicator turned green and then the indicator turned red again.

Looking into the database logs, the following error code was spotted:

Bei Funktion [IIsyc_conn], Fehler beim Aufrufen der Ingres-Funktion [IIapi_connect]. Fehlercode = [13172742]. Feh
lermeldung=[API function cannot be called in the current state.]

Additionally, the following error code was seen when attempting to export the database with the following command:

host:/opt/CA/BrightStorARCserve/dbase # ca_dbadmin -exportdb
Fehler bei Verbindung zur Ingres-cadbase-Datenbank.
Empfangener Fehler sqlca.sqlcode = -39100

Nothing is found on the CA website, nor when goggling for the error codes.

I would prefer to fix the corrupt database, assuming that it is corrupt, instead of recreating the database.

What are the commands needed to force an Ingres database repair or is there a different problem that I am not seeing? The admin guide is not that helpful with database rebuilds.

This install is in German and my German skills are still in the beginning phase so reading the log messages is a bit difficult and I might be missing something that would shed some light on the problem.

Additional ideas are appreciated.

Many thanks,
David Beery
I checked into this once and was told that it was necessary to contact CA support for help with a corrupt Ingres database.
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