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backup job always incomplete due to RC=87 error

Posted by backupnoob 
hi all,

found this site through a google search and hope some gurus can help me here

My backups recently have been "incomplete" because with the reason AW0002 Failed to read data from file: D RC=87 , The parameter is incorrect.

5 instances of this error are happening 1 after the other in my daily backups.

At 1st, I had thought this was caused by temp files created by Macs, but even after such files have been cleared, this condition persists. I noted that no filename has been specified in the error message, which makes it even harder to pinpoint what exactly is causing the issue.

Any pointers please? This is vexing me out, I am so gonna fail the IT audit check....
When dealing with obscure errors there is little to go on so perhaps it is best to take a look at a overall level.

Are there any updates to apply to ARCserve
Is an agent being used
is the agent current
when did the problem start
is it specific to a certain system, volume, directory
have any updates been applied to the target system
has the target system been restarted
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