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ArcServer 12.5 not backing up exchange database

Posted by mfahey 
I have to deal with a client that doesn't like spending money. When their backups began exceeding their tape capacity they have asked that I configure it to backup to a USB disk, and not to tape.

I have therefore configured the backup to use staging, but in the policy I have selected the "do not copy" to tape for fulls and differentials. While it backs up the selected file systems ok it does nothing with the dbaexdbis/first storage of exchange. It just sits there as active with N/A against everything in the history.

The exchange store is mounted, I'm not an ArcServe expert by any means but I am using this same method on another server with another USB drive and it works. I have been over and over all the settings comparing them and can't find any differences.

Please help!

thank you.
The thing with USB drives is the Tape Engine has to be restarted after the drive is attached.
Thankyou, that did solve the issue. Now I have another one :D

The backup of the file systems work fine, and the backup of exchange (dbaexbisFirst Storage Group seems to work but hangs. In the mornings the backup job is always at 100% and is still active on exchange: I have to stop the job each morning and reset it.

What could be causing this one?

Don't know, so start by installing SP1 server and agent side.

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