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Arcserve Backup r12.5 on 2003 x64

Posted by coolbird 

I am trying to install Arcserve Backup r12.5 on a MS Windows 2003 Standard x64 Edition SP2 and I cannot get past the prerequisites I have the Windows intsaller marked as installed and the MS visual C++ Redist Package (x64) installed but the MS visual C++ Redist Package (x86) keeps showing as "Pending" then fails.

I scoured all the support forums looking for an install command line switch but can find no reference to this as a possible issue.

Thanks in advance.

Where is the MS visual C++ Redist Package specified as a prerequisit?
Hi davidmichel

In the initial install a panel appears with windows installer redist x64 and for some reason I cannot fathom the Redist x86, the installer and the Redist x64 both now shows as installed but everytime I try and install the Redist x86 shows as pending than as failed.
The install will not proceed as the next button is greyed out.
I thought there maybe a command line switch to prevent this prerequisite checks but nothing, also scouring through all the forums it does not appear to be a known issue either.

Regards Coolbird
Sorry I've no idea. I've done an install on a 2008 server with only windows installed and did not have such a requirement come up. Guess it is off to CA support, and let them figure it out.
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