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Lotus Domino Filters

Posted by agerson 
Lotus Domino Filters
June 26, 2010 09:50PM
Hi, i'm new at this forum and i really hope you can help me

I'd like to create a job which's only function will be to backup mailboxes existing on my domino server, i'd like to use filters son i can command the agent to backup the "mail" folder on my server and avoid to modify the job anytime some people entersleaves the company selectingunselecting the corresponding lotus mail db.

I have tried to do this, in the console i select the server, expand it and right click over the Lotus Domino instance shown, select filter, add an include filter with a folder pattern (mail), when i try to save the "please make source selections" messsage is shown, so it seems i must select(mark) at least one specific file which is what i want to avoid
Lotus Domino Filters
June 29, 2010 03:44PM
I'm guessing it is not possible.

If you would like something more than that some more basic type data will be needed such as versions of OS, ARCserve, Domino.
Lotus Domino Filters
July 01, 2010 01:15AM
OS: Windows server 2003 SP2
ARCServe: R11.5
Lotus Domino Filters
July 26, 2010 04:17PM
From the manual:

ARCserve Backup Agent for Lotus Domino only supports
File Pattern Filters and Directory Pattern Filters. With these filters you can
specify whether to include or exclude files or directories from a job based
upon a particular file name or file pattern, or upon a particular directory
name or directory pattern.
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