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Strange Exchange Database Level Backup Problem

Posted by afivian 
Hi guys, I'm having a strange problem with ARCserve. Has anyone experienced something similar?

I have a Windows 2003 server that has Exchange 2003 and ARCserve 12 SP2 installed. ARCserve runs 2 nightly jobs to tape; the first performs a document level backup of Exchange plus some other items. The second just performs a full database level backup of Exchange, and this is what I'm having a problem with, which I can only currently deal with by rebooting the server.

This is what happens after a reboot of the server...On the first night the database level job will run fine, it backs up around 41GB in around 45 mins, Exchange logs are cleared, all looks ok.

On the second night the job seems to run ok again, although it does the 41GB in 15 mins which is a little strange. Exchange logs are cleared and it looks ok.

On the third night, the job just seems to hang and will sit there until cancelled manually. I'm looking at last nights job now, it's been going for 6 hours, says 100% done but still sitting there. The strangest thing is that it says that it has so far done 55GB!.

The job will now hang every night, until I restart the server, then the 3 day cycle starts again.

Any ideas??
No idea, but setting the Exchange DB Agent into debug and reviewing the logs might give some idea.
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