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Problems with ARCserve R15.0 (Build 6222)

Posted by kepademus 
I'm having few errors in my backup logs:

E3556 2011-02-10 21:00:37 Licenses for the agent expired on the CA ARCserve Backup server. Obtain new licenses for the agent for the machine. (Agent Name=[Agent for Open Files r15.0], Primary Server Name=[SERVER_NAME], Machine=[SERVER_NAME])

And lot's of error AW0050 File/directory last write time has been changed.

RO20007 CAZ 39.2 MB 07/13/10 WIN-32OW BAOF LICENSE ERROR

For the second ck out the files to ensure they were correctly modified.
I have installed all updates (including R020007). Still shows that error in backup logs.
ck out this tech doc
Thanks David. I checked that and maked modifications to registry. Still it shows that error.
that being the case SP1 should take care of it.
If I go to Server Admin and License Management I can see Agent for Open Files listed there. It is saying licenses needed 1 and I think this is the cause for the errros, not the bugs in ARCserve.

How I can remove this from ARCServe?
Don't know, get with CA Support.
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