ARCserv Email Reports no use
September 16, 2011 11:28AM
Hi All,

We have got a new installation of ARCserve v15 and I am trying to get a nice daily email report setup. The report I have configured is fine except that when I email it, it send it through as an attached XML file and says the following:

C:Program Files (x86)CAARCserve BackupReportsDaily Job Status Report_data_SERVER_2011-09-16-11-51-44.xml was generated successfully!

Output file (Daily Job Status Report_data_SERVER_2011-09-16-11-51-44.xml) needs Resource files (response.xsl, asc.gif, desc.gif) to be opened. Save all of the attached files into one directory, then open the output xml file.

Is this really necessary. There's no way this will get looked at every day if you have to save the files out to a folder to view the report. Can't it just embed the report in the email in HTML?

Please advise, many thanks.
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