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Error E3719 and E3712 after backup

Posted by Arcsurfer 

every time we do our backup we get these 2 errors:
27.10.2011 05:21:43 E3719 Unable to write to media. (MEDIA=26.10.11 21:30 [S/N], EC=Unknown error ID)
27.10.2011 05:21:43 E3712 Unable to close session. (EC=Unknown error ID)
The backup starts at 21:30 and at the end (05:21) these errors occured after 700 GB data written to the tape.
We make a Multiplexing Backup with several backup agents on some servers.
Have changed the tape drive 3 times and tested several tapes. Now we have a brand new tape drive, a new tape
and the 2 errors are not gone.
Can anyone help uns?
Thank you.

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