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Media Pool Issue after Update from 12.5 => 16

Posted by arauner 

I have some strange issues, after updating my ArcServe Backup from Version 12.5 to 16 - i hope you can help me.

ArcServe Backup is still doing backups,but the[b] media pool is running out of tapes [/b]and i dont know why.


All seems ok in the job..



The Scratch Set has enough tapes , ready to use, but he isn't requesting one of them.


Besides that, he is creating himself a seperate media pool , named "[b]SRV0[/b]" instead of using the right one "[b]SRV004[/b]"





When i delete this pool hes creating it again after the next successful backup.

What's wrong here :(?

Many thanks in advance!
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