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VMware Backups Using VDDK

Posted by Marian1 
VMware Backups Using VDDK
May 10, 2012 02:44PM
I am running CA Arcserve version 15, trying to run backups on Vmware Virtual Server runnning ESX 4.1.0,260247.
I am using VDDk version 1.2.1. From my readings I thought VDDk did not create snapshot of HOST, however during testing the backups of 12 VM running windows from 2003-2008, the HOST failed, I had to reconect and reconfigure HA. I am wondering if this is a space issue.
Currently I am backing up all VM's (110) through the agent as if they were physical, its a real pain to restore. I would like to change this to backup with VDDK. I have had successful backups of some Vmware servers but its random, and this is only testing one at a time.
If anyone is successful in this type of backup, I would really appreciate your response
VMware Backups Using VDDK
May 10, 2012 06:43PM
ok so after testing with VDDK a snapshot is created on datastores that hosts the VM. Ok i guess now my next question is, does anyone know if I can run a backup without creating a snapshot of the VM? This is not possible with CA Arcserve but does anyone know if there is a backup product that would backup VM's without creating a snapshot and using disk space
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