Hi all!

I'm trying to backup from storage Compellent 40S to tape library TL2000.

The scenario is:

Power Edge M1000e with 4 physical blades. The first is Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise with ARCserve installed and the other three are to servers virtualization.

The PE (Power Edge) is connected through fibre channel with storage DELL Compellent 40S.

The first blade with ARCserve recognizes the Compellent through MPIO and I can show the disk just "Read Only".

I have an open call with CA support to more than a month and no solution yet.

Some images to explain the environment.



Any help is welcome.

Best regards!
Pedro Henrique
Maybe I have not expressed myself well.

What I want say is that by ARCserve I can't see the created volumes on storage to backup them through fibre channel.

I could usually backup by UNC path (serverunit$), but the speed would not be the same.

The question is: [b]How can I see the storage and his volumes on the ARCserve backup?[/b]

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