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Quick LAN and FC backups,both combined in single task-SLOW

Posted by asen 
We made many different attempts, but finally after un-checking NTFS deduplication option in ARC server backup task we were able to hit the results in point 1 and 3. But the problem is that in 1 (which will be POC design) we cannot achieve the result from point 3

1. This point describes the POC design.

a. Backup Source – physical server with no any data or tasks, with a lot of high speed disks (15K) where we only stored backup source data – 19GB psd files (one big and around 50 smaller ones). In the same segment where backup server is located, 1Gbps network.
b. DD610 with 7x500GB disks, VTL license enabled, 4Gb FC Qlogic installed, no any data on it, just upgraded to last DDOS 5.2.2 (I think). One VTL with 3 drives,5 1600MB tapes LTO3, 1 autoloader, access-group configured.
c. Backup server – Dell R310 physical server with no any data or other tasks, with 2 SATA 500G HDDs in RAID1, 16GB DRAM, 2x4-cores CPUs, Qlogic 2560 8Gb FC HBA adapter, 6Gb SAS HBA, OS Windows 2008 Ent R2, ARC server last release (16.5 a think).
i. Manual backup task is configured with source disk device (NTFS share of backup source server), backup target – DD VTL, no encryption, no compression, no NTFS deduplication option, no multi-streaming
ii. The task works actually near to the speed the customer usually receives with his physical drive (LTO4) – 1.7GB/minute which is around 30MB/sec. It is good but is not enough because of backup window considerations (real backup data is more than 500GB exchange database). DD CPU utilization is a bit strange – around 60% hits and 10% usage between them..this behavior is near the same as we saw when we did VTL backups with NTFS deduplication option checked (before).

2. This is second test just to be sure LAN or source server HDDs are not bottle-neck.

a. Just moving the same 19GB PSD data from source server to backup local store over NTFS share with just copying it from Windows. Copying works with 100-120MB/sec (the network usage of the servers is around 100%). Trying that several ways in the both directions – it is stable.

3. Trying the same backup job from point1 - but with changing it to use as source data the already copied data (19GB PST files) at local store of backup server (2x500GB SATA). This backup job showed us speed of 6.5-9.6GB/minute (around 100-150MB/sec) which is good enough. In that case DD CPU utilization is stable - this way around 80% all the time (without picks).

Any help in resolving that is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance!
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