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Time to Backup ArcServe r16.5

Posted by robsonfa 
Time to Backup ArcServe r16.5
July 01, 2013 05:01PM
We had an ArcServe 9 for Linux, using dat tape drives and we are deploying ArcServe 16.5fors Windws with LTO 5 here in the company, end there arose a question raised by my boss.
We have as a benchmark a version of backup software and hardware very old (which its backup times are very slow) and my boss would make sure that the times we are getting now with the new version is correct or if we can further improve these backup times
Our Backup server has 3 NICs 1Giga , 2 linked in a NicTeam, connected to a switch of 1 Giga (we call “backup network”), isolated from our administrative network, and the third connected to the administrative network. Our servers have 2 NICs (one connected in the administrative network and another connected in the backup network). The backup is performed by the network is called "backup network".
With this configuration we have the times below:
Server - email - Linux
amount of data: 40 GB
backup time: 11:25 min
gb/min: 3.47

server - Oracle - Linux
amount of data: 24 GB
backup time: 4:38 min
gb/min: 5.01

Server - File Server - MS Windows 2003 server
amount of data: 73 GB
backup time: 0:47 min
gb/min: 1.55
We implemented this server only in one of the companies, and my boss would like to implement in the others only after we had an opinion about it. Do these times are acceptable or we can improve them? Could someone help us?
Time to Backup ArcServe r16.5
December 09, 2014 11:02AM
These figures are pretty good for this sizes of client. If your target has over 2TB of data, use multiplexing
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