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Out of disk space in the area of #8203;#8203;dedup

Posted by fmsantos 
I'm using ARCserve R16.5 (Build 7106) on my backup environment.
I have connected to my backup server to a Storage 14TB and noticed never got to release all 14 TB always release a little over 1 TB.

I found in my area of dedup the following hierarchy of folders


Directory of E:DEDUP10

05/04/2013 07:05 <DIR> .
05/04/2013 07:05 <DIR> ..
[b]28/08/2013 17:07 <DIR> 000[/b]
04/04/2013 15:25 16 DedupeDataDirVerify.CT
14/09/2013 20:06 2.048 HEADER.CTF

E:DEDUP10>cd 000


28/08/2013 17:07 <DIR> .
28/08/2013 17:07 <DIR> ..
[b]30/06/2013 07:59 <DIR> 000
22/08/2013 23:06 <DIR> 001
10/09/2013 19:00 <DIR> 002[/b]

And I was left with questions:
1- What is the function of these two files, They act as some kind of index?
[b] HEADER.CTF[/b], [b]DedupeDataDirVerify[/b].CT

Navigating within the hierarchy found new folders and noticed the presence of some very old files.

[color=red]08/08/2013 03:05[/color] 20.231.997.440 sis_744692420_0000000057.data
[color=red]20/07/2013 10:05[/color] 2.755.072 sis_744692420_0000000261.data
[color=red]06/07/2013[/color] 13:07 6.793.728 sis_750563685_0000000085.data

I believe these files are great if I remove or move them to a tape I can free up more space.
My doubt is how I know what the contents of these files?
How can I take them to tape without erasing?
What is the impact of removing these older files?
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