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Rotational Schedule / Retention Settings

Posted by Namrepus 

I am implementing ArcServe Backup for a file server in my environment. Currently our only option is to backup to a disk on the backup server therefore we are limited in capacity.

The server is 1TB.

The backup disk is 1.5TB.

On the backup disk I have carved out 5 media devices - 1,2,3,4,5.

I have chosen the option for 5 day weekly rotational, full backup Fri, incremental Mon-Thu.

The default retention setting for the media is 6 days which I have left in place.

My understanding is this...

Full Fri - Device 1
Inc Mon - Device 2
Inc Tue - Device 3
Inc Wed - device 4
Inc Thu - Device 5

Then, due to the 6 day retention...Device 1 will get erased, moved to scratch, then re-used for the next Full Fri Backup.

If this is correct, then I have two issues:

1. All the previous incrementals are rendered useless as the previous full backup is now deleted.
2. If my subsequent full backup fails...we have no full backup at all as the previous one was deleted.

Now, what are my options?

If I can increase the disk capacity of my backup store, to at least allow enough space for 2 full backup do I simply change the retention settings, retain the number of devices? e.g. set retention to 9 days so an incremental is getting overwritten with the new full? Or do I need to create more devices (empty slots?)
increase the number of FS devices o a minimum of 11, group them into one pool.

then configure your back as GFS.

be cautious that the default value of GFS is 12 monthly, 5 weekly and 5 daily. If you allocate 11, they you need to manually format the EoM tape. Adjust values as per needed
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