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Backup agent for Exchange v9 error

Posted by ericwi 
Hi all,

Excuse me as I am preety new here. My arcserve ver 9.0 crashed and I am reinstalling/reconfiguring it to run again.Everything was smooth until when I am trying to configure backup agent for my Exchange 55.

I installed my arcserve in my exchange server box , as instructed. After I installed the agent for Exchange and trying to configure it, it prompt 'failed to configure server' When I checked the exchverify.log , it displayed somthing like this :-
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ERROR: ExchCreateProfile() profile[EXCH_AUTHENTICATE_PROFILE36041184127632] return [2128]
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ERROR: ExchAuthenticate() return[2128]
07/11/07,12:20:32 : CallNamedPipeA() successful
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ---> Authentication result: [Authentication Failure] for detail and make sure the User Mailbox Name or Alias is correct and Unique.< case sensitive!!!>]
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ExchPerformVerification() return[4]
07/11/07,12:20:32 : OpenSCManager() successful with all ACCESS
07/11/07,12:20:32 : OpenService() [ExchVerification] successful with all ACCESS
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ExchServiceControl() called with ControlCode[1]
07/11/07,12:20:32 : ControlService() Stopping service [Exchange Agent Setup Verification Service]......
07/11/07,12:20:32 : Service is started.
07/11/07,12:20:32 : StartServiceCtrlDispatcher() successful
07/11/07,12:20:33 : Service [Exchange Agent Setup Verification Service] stopped
07/11/07,12:20:33 : DeleteService() [Exchange Agent Setup Verification Service] removed
07/11/07,12:20:33 : ExchRemoveService() successfully finished

I've checked against the mailbox I have created: mailbox/alias : dbagent and everything is correct. I uninstalled and reinstalled the agent again but it does not help. I am up at arms on working on this.

Please advice.

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