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ArcServer 11.5 backing up to hard drive question

Posted by fintoozler 
Good day all!

My organization is currently backing up data using tape backups, and is looking to shift to hard drive back-ups (via a cifs share on a NAS), and my question pertains specifically to the ArcServe software. Does the software have that capability built in, or will a plug-in/add-on be required?

any information would be greatly appreciated.
Hi there,

You just have to create folders in the NAS box and each folder will act as a tape.
Hence need to configure them under device configuration and make them FSD(File System Devices).

Once this is done , you can see the tape(Folders created in NAS) under CA FSA adapter in BAB device manager.

Main thing you have to check is that can BAB see the NAS box.

If it sees no issues at all.

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