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Backuppc is Ignoring Hosts Overdue for Back Up

Posted by inodeman 
I recently needed to start using the archive feature of Backuppc. I thought I could just create host specific archive scripts and these would appear with xfer mode "archive". That didn't work. The only way I could bring up "archive" mode was to set the global config.pl to "archive". However, this rework of the host scripts and global config.pl has created a problem with detecting expiring backups. All of my hosts are overdue, but none of them have been flagged with "failures needing attention". Backuppc is happy to list everybody as backed up. I removed the archive mode and the archive psuedo hosts, but that changed nothing. I can start a back up manually, but Backuppc is simply ignoring overdue hosts so nothing gets queued automatically.
I have no idea what I broke!
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