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Difference between terms in logs backuppc

Posted by Anonymous 
Difference between terms in logs backuppc
August 14, 2016 12:53PM

alex8276 wrote on 2016-07-07 01:20:44 -0700 [[BackupPC-users] Difference between terms in logs backuppc]:
[quote]Can you explain the difference between : pool, same in the backup's log ?

[quote]pool 644 400/401 13372 vendor/PhpExcel/xx.php
same 644 400/401 3415 app/config/config.yml
"same" means that rsync determined that the file is unchanged since the
reference backup so no data was transferred. "pool" means that BackupPC
found a file with identical content in the pool and thus created a link
to the pool file instead of independently storing the transmitted data
in a new file (i.e. rsync saw a change and transferred data).

[quote]Also, sometimes I have this error :
"Read EOF: Connexion ré-initialisée par le correspondant
Tried again: got 0 bytes
That seems to translate to "connection reset by peer" meaning the TCP
connection was dropped by the remote end. Either rsync closed the
connection for whatever reason, the host running rsync rebooted, or a
firewall inbetween timed out the connection, usually because no data
was exchanged for some amount of time (e.g. when comparing large files
or building a file list).

Hint: you probably have an incorrect language setting somewhere which
*may* case problems elsewhere, because BackupPC doesn't understand the
error messages of an external program, though I very much doubt that is
the issue here.

[quote]Can't write 4 bytes to socket
finish: removing in-process file xx/xx/xx.jpg

What is the problem ? The file xx.jpg or an other file not mentioned ?
Difficult to say. Is it always the same file? Is it a large file? Does
it change regularly? How often do you get the error? Is there possibly
something external related to it (e.g. DSL provider hangup, bandwidth
used by other processes, server reboot, ...)?

Hope that helps.

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