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BackupPC_link got error -4

Posted by madams9 
BackupPC_link got error -4
August 15, 2017 05:57AM
Linux 4.4.79-desktop-1.mga5 #1 SMP Fri Jul 28 02:50:06 UTC 2017 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
backuppc-3.3.0-5.mga5 installed from repo

I found found these in my log for today. It is doing this for all 3 of my machines being backed up by BackupPC.

017-08-14 03:18:30 BackupPC_link got error -4 when calling MakeFileLink(/mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fdconf/fdb/attrib, 00e9dcc222243a04177a0270d4f712f0, 1)
2017-08-14 03:18:30 BackupPC_link got error -4 when calling MakeFileLink(/mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fdhcp/attrib, 049c228c9295aa0f7204c253bd0000b2, 1)
2017-08-14 03:18:30 BackupPC_link got error -4 when calling MakeFileLink(/mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fdirmngr/attrib, 0c643efcef06dbd0fbb2a572b7231014, 1)
2017-08-14 03:18:30 BackupPC_link got error -4 when calling MakeFileLink(/mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fifw/attrib, 02972e540783aa24cdf18441e2655170, 1)

I haven't changed anything recently beyond upgrading one of the machines (not listed) to Mageia 6.

Trying to link manually does this:

[backuppc@adamsmdk backup-2]$ link 0e94129bc922a9e56632aa8c4e32bd74 /mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fsysconfig/fconsole/attrib
link: cannot create link ‘/mnt/backup-2/pc/spike/398/f%2f/fetc/fsysconfig/fconsole/attrib’ to ‘0e94129bc922a9e56632aa8c4e32bd74’: No such file or directory

Apache is running under user "backuppc".
Everything under topdir is owned by "backuppc".

Permissions for "pc" are 777.
Directories and subs under "pc" are all 644.

What is error -4? I can't find anything about that. Any information appreciated. A pointer to how I can resolve this is even more appreciated.

Thank you.

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