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additional link-dest targets

Posted by meeotch 
additional link-dest targets
May 29, 2016 12:10AM
rsnapshot noob here, with a question about link-dest'ing against an external archive. My situation: I'm using a package (snapraid) on my server that protects its data against bit-rot & drive failure. I'd like to use rsnapshot to do nightly backups of my (windows) laptop to my (linux) server. However, snapraid doesn't really like having 100k tiny changes thrown at it all the time - it's more intended for scrubbing semi-static data. It does correctly handle hard links and moved files, but I fear that forcing it to figure out the rotating rsnapshot directories will prove to be a huge waste of resources.

My first stab at a solution would be to maintain, on the snapraid server, a "vanilla" rsync clone of the more static parts of the laptop, updated weekly or monthly. Then use rsnapshot to capture the entire laptop nightly to a non-snapraid destination, using the snapraid-protected clone as an additional --link-dest. This way, the bulk of my data is bit-rot protected, and the rapidly changing stuff is versioned via rsnapshot - without generating multiple copies of the static data. (Or having to weed through 100GB of stuff to separate the static/dynamic stuff physically.)

My actual question: is "additional link-desting" a reasonable thing to do, or am I missing something dangerous? Also, how is it accomplished - do I just shove my --link-dest into rsync_long_args?
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