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rsnapshot - cron - schedule | important

Posted by Anonymous 
rsnapshot - cron - schedule | important
August 09, 2016 10:08PM
Hey guys,

here are some information:

my important config part:
link_dest 1
sync_first 1

retain daily 7
retain weekly 4
retain monthly 12

my cron schedule:

28 1 * * 1-6 root rsnapshot sync && rsnapshot daily

52 2 * * 0 root rsnapshot sync && rsnapshot daily && rsnapshot weekly

59 3 1 * * root monthly

In the manpage i read this note:

„It is usually a good idea to schedule the larger backup levels to run a bit before the lower ones. For
example, in the crontab above, notice that "beta" runs 10 minutes before "alpha". The main reason for this
is that the beta rotate will pull out the oldest alpha and make that the youngest beta (which means that
the next alpha rotate will not need to delete the oldest alpha), which is more efficient.

From my point of view this note does not care about on which day the backup starts and if the first chain is completed.

Lets say i will start my first backup on [url=https://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/Wednesday.html]Wednesday[/url] 03.08.2016 this would be the chain on Sunday:

Sun - 07.08.2016 - daily.0
Sat - 06.08.2016 daily.1
Fri - 05.08.2016 daily.2
Thu - 04.08.2016 daily.3
Wed - 03.08.2016 daily.4

Concerning my cron for Sunday:

„52 2 * * 0 root rsnapshot sync && rsnapshot daily && rsnapshot weekly

This would happen at the end of the first week:

„[2016-08-07T02] daily.6 not present (yet), nothing to copy

Exactly here is my problem, based on this error i would not have a backup from the first week.

To create on [url=https://www.dict.cc/englisch-deutsch/Wednesday.html]Wednesday[/url] daily.0/1/2 (exact same copies) for the purpose of chain fullfillment (retain 7 = d0-d6) would not be the right solution in my opinion if you want to start your backup on any day.

[b]Do you have another idea to solve this problem ?[/b]
[b] [/b]
I would appreciate an answer to this question!

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