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Realtime Tracking of Snapshot Changes

Posted by David Stringfield 
David Stringfield
Realtime Tracking of Snapshot Changes
July 19, 2017 04:59AM
Hi all,

I know that versions of this question have already been well hashed
already but I think (hope) I am asking something slightly different.

Rather than trying to use rsnapshot-du to check the size between snapshots
as is the traditional (slow) method, I was hoping there might be some way
to log the size of the snaps in real time as they are being calculated?

It seems to me a lot of the calculation work is being done at the time
that's being run but this is quite possibly a misunderstanding of the way
rsnapshot works.

Assuming it's the case, feel free to tell me just "NO" but if anyone feels
like explaining why this isn't possible then please do.


David Stringfield

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