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Fw: Suddenly, getting a "no probes defined" error

Posted by Michael Leone 
Michael Leone
Fw: Suddenly, getting a "no probes defined" error
October 10, 2019 12:59PM
I have a Windows script file that runs a full CFI ("savegrp -O -l full
<groupname>"). Literally been running this script as a scheduled task for
years. Today it started failing with a message of "No probes defined for
probe based group".
Now, I hadn't made any changes to the group that this script runs. So I
don't know why it failed. And I couldn't get it to work, unless I went
into the group definition and unchecked "Probe based group".

Her'e the other part of the problem - I'm still rrunning 8.2.4, which is
out of support, so I can't ask EMC for support. (apparently we're
considering switching to Veem for backup, which is another reason we
haven't upgraded. We've changed hypervisor environment to Nutanix with
ESXi, and Veem is supposed to be a better fit for VM backups, in that type
of environment)

The probe settings were what are apparently the default - probe interval
of 60, start time 0:00, probe end time 23:59, probe success all, time
since successful backup 0.

Anybody got any ideas? I've searched, but not found anything that seems
applicable. It's running, but with that option unchecked.

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Looks as if you have checked that option "Probe based group" but you have no probe defined.

Uncheck it and off you go.
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