Full System Restoration Question
March 12, 2010 08:28PM
Greetings To All,

Am new to DP and still learning my way around. I am reading the admin/installation books but have not yet ran across the information I am looking for, so I am hoping one or more of you good people could point me in the right direction or otherwise offer some good advice!

Here is the issue:

I have a MS Windows system that needs to be fully restored from tape. The server itself has since been decommissioned and is no longer availble, but we do have the required tape media sets to affect full restore.

I will be attempting to restore the complete system onto a machine that currently has no MS Windows OS installed whatsoever. The problem I am running into is that I inherited this system at the time of decommissioning and was not given a good "handoff" and have no information about the system at all, including the [u]all important information of what version of MS Windows the system was running at the time it was decommissioned[/u]. Of course, I need this critical information before I can accomplish the full system restore because I am going to have to do a new OS install and then restore from tape.

I have made some inquiries and was told that I can find this required information by "scanning" the tapes containing the backup objects to make the determination of what version of MS OS was installed on the decommissioned system. I then tried to find out how to do this "tape scan" but am drawing a blank. Can anyone help me out here? Thanks!

Rob S.
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