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Unexplainable Abort Requests From Cell Manager

Posted by robs 
Am running DP A.06 on unix cell manager and unix clients.

Patch status: Am not yet sure if the failing clients and CM are all updated with right patches.

The problem:

Several (but not all) of the backup clients listed in the backup specification are now consistently failing their scheduled full backup. Only the weekly full backups are failing. All of their corresponding daily incremental backups are all passing okay.

Each of the failed full backups are all getting messages very similar to:

[Normal] From: VBDA@zak11.rsn.hp.com "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]" Time: 3/19/2010 9:48:07 PM
STARTING Disk Agent for zak11.rsn.hp.com:/opt "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]".

[Critical] From: VBDA@zak11.rsn.hp.com "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]" Time: 3/19/2010 9:50:48 PM
Received ABORT request from SM => aborting.

[Critical] From: VBDA@zak11.rsn.hp.com "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]" Time: 3/19/2010 9:50:48 PM
Connection to Media Agent broken => aborting.

[Normal] From: VBDA@zak11.rsn.hp.com "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]" Time: 3/19/2010 9:50:48 PM
ABORTED Disk Agent for zak11.rsn.hp.com:/opt "zak11.rsn.hp.com [/opt]".

The tape was set to condition "Poor" after the backups failed.

debug.log on the cell manager says:

03/19/10 21:58:08 BMA.24057.0 ["ma/dev/devseq.c /main/dp56/dp60_fix/dp60_patch/2"] A.06.00 bPHSS_38410/PHSS_38411/DPSOL_00347/DPLNX_00059
SeqWrite: write() I/O error. Tape drive status:
SeqWrite: SK : 0Bh
ASC : 47h
ASCQ: 01h
FRU : 00h
SeqWrite: B15 : 00h
B16 : 00h
B17 : 00h
LSB : 09h

Would deeply appreciate it if any one could point me in the right direction...

Thanks ahead of time!

Rob S.
[quote] in the file system backup of windows box i get the error message for failure of configuration mount point as Not a vaild mount point.

What might be the reason?
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