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Backing up Lotus Notes with DP 6.0

Posted by bowtietoo 
I'm a test engineer for a backup company. The Lotus Notes backups that I'm backing up is not real data... It was generated some how for testing purposes. How it was created is beyond me, the test data was here when I got here 2 years ago...

I've backed up this data using NetWorker, TSM, and NBU. Last week I attempted to backup this data using Data Protector. Setting up the backups was wicked easy and I pretty much got the backups to work my first try. However, I'm seeing that DP is backing up each .nsf and .ntf file individually. I don't know how a REAL Lotus Notes data is supposed to look like and now I'm questioning if what I have for data is considered real world data. Is there only supposed to be ONE .nsf and ONE .ntf file? I have about 200 files of EACH, each being about 23 MB in size, totaling about 65GB.

With NetWorker, TSM, and NBU, when I backup this same EXACT data, it backs up one lump sum at once instead of each individual file. So, on Tape, it's seen as one backup vs. DP sees about 400 individual backups.

So, I don't know if I have DP / Lotus Notes configured incorrectly (is there a variable in notes.ini that needs tweaking?), or do I have bogus test data?

Thanks to any and all replies!

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